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Why a Blog is an absolute necessity for law firms, law schools and legal tech companies.

Law Ad Network

Dec 11, 2020


If you are operating in the legal industry, be it law firm, legal tech or a law school, building trust is very important. Even if you have a website that is aesthetically pleasing, to connect and converse with clients and show them you are approachable a medium is necessary and blogs serves this purpose. From a reader’s point of view they get to learn more about the work you are doing, the cases you are taking on, and what is going on at your firm. Here is are some of the reasons why you should absolutely have a blog on your website.

1. Engaging with you potential clients:

A blog is simple and cost-effective way to let your potential clients know about your business or law practice. Relevant information can be effectively communicated with a broad range of audience. Along with a blog being helpful for a reader, it will also ensure that you have a website that is updated regularly. Specifically, on issues that your clients face.  It is a testament on how up to date you are with your practice area.

2. Boosting SEO

Google and Bing loves new content and constantly updating your blog means fresh content for your law firm which would help a lot with your SEO. Blogs are a great way for you law firm website to be in the first page of search engines organically.

3. New Clients

There are several marketing studies that have business that use blogs are twice as more likely to get new clients than businesses that do not have blogs. Get that blog going to have more clients knocking on your doors.

4. Trust and Credibility

Educated Clients usually research their case or problem before they approach a lawyer, if you have a blog which already address their issues albeit generally, there is a better chance for the client to trust you or your practice. The same goes with any type of business. Blog is a great way to show your expertise and a great way for the stranger visiting your website to get to know you a little bit better.

5. Cost effective

Admittedly, writing and maintaining a blog does need some level of discipline, it is nonetheless a cost effective marketing tool that not only promotes your law practice but also does so at almost no cost.

Law Firms, Legal Tech companies and Law schools generally agree that blogs are a good idea, but the main reason why law firms fail to update the blog is lack of time for research and due to time constraints. We get that, which is why, at Law Ad Network we have content writers who holds law degree to write engaging content on a variety of legal topics. Find out how content marketing can grow your law practice. Get your content marketing strategy.