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How to grow your law practice by using digital marketing

Law Ad Network

Dec 11, 2020


The year was 2007.  Within a month of joining my first law firm in London, I managed to get a large private equity client for my employer. Four others clients followed in the subsequent 3 months. This was in a city that was totally new to me and have just started my career in London. Digital marketing for lawyers was almost unheard of at that time, Facebook had just started to gain traction. Pioneering a business development and marketing strategy using digital platform was what saw the first law firm that I worked without a major impact at the height of recession.

The strategy was simple – Have a regular flow of leads. But getting steady leads is always a challenge. If a law firm is able to get steady good quality leads, that law firms is likely to have a good growth rate as well. However, an unbelievable number of law firms have not clear strategy for lead collection, many do not even know how many leads they expect weekly, monthly or quarterly.

In this short post. I will cover five strategies you can use to exponentially increase your law firm’s digital marketing game.

  1. A website that does more

But I already have a website. Sure, you do. But is the website optimized to ensure you get the maximum conversation from potential clients visiting your website? If every word or image on your website is not aimed at getting the clients to give you a call, then you need to take a good look at your website right away. While information such as your practice area, your team, your firm’s values etc can be showcased, you also need to have a strategy in place to make sure that potential clients take the next steps to reach out to you from your website. That can be done mostly by ensuring there is engagement at all levels on your website.

2. Effectively utilizing Social Media

Neglect social media marketing at your peril. If you are a law firm operating in 2021 and is not effectively utilizing social media, you are missing out on getting in front of your audience. In a post pandemic world ( and even before) people educate themselves of a law firm and their services through social media. The core point of contention that law firms might have is “social media is not where our target clientele are.” Really? That is the only place where your target clients are. They might not be looking for a law firm in facebook or twitter, but to research a law firm (even if you are a law firms that has large corporate clients), undoubtedly that is one of the first places that your target client will be visiting. This is a place where you need to be actively posting contents relating to your practice area and please make sure you have an “active” page with regular posts of relevant content.

3. Up your SEO game

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is to ensure your website has the right words or strategies to make sure that your website ranks amongst the top pages in search engines. Getting to the top search is a game changer as far as getting your law firm’s website to the front and center of clients searching for your service. The best way to activate SEO is to use keywords focused on your practice and your location. This can be achieved organically by having content relating to your practice and location. Another strategy to use is to optimize each of your page so that it makes it easier for search engines to read and get your page to the top.

4. Publishing Blogs, videos and Articles

One of the ways of establishing authority is to have top quality information relating to your practice area published regularly. This not only builds trust among clients, but also position your practice in front of target clientele. This can be done either in the form of blogs, articles or video content. Video content is an extremely engaging form of content marketing by which you can reach out to a wide range of people.

5. Newsletter and Email marketing

In terms of ROI, email marketing is probably the best form of digital marketing. But this is only effective if you are able to gather good quality email address. Either by having a landing page where you give something in exchange for the email.

6. Get a professional to handle your digital marketing

As with law, sometimes it’s best to get a really good professional digital marketer specialized in digital marketing for legal industry to help plan and execute your digital marketing strategy. At Law Ad Network, we are exclusively focused on the legal industry. We at, Law Ad Network is committed to helping you with our all-around marketing focused for legal industry. Have a chat with us and decide if we are right for you, although we know, if you are from the legal industry, we know we are the best fit for you.