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Law Ad network is owned and operated by Law Pundits LLP. As a firm run by people with background in law firms, law schools, technology and legal publications. We understand your requirements more than anyone else. Law Pundits is a firm that supports and provides services to legal professionals, law schools, law firms, legal tech companies, in house counsels and LPOs. We feel, we are best equipped to deliver maximum ROI in all your advertisement needs.


We currently offer some of the best CPM rates for advertisers on high quality impressions. Please note we only accept CPM campaigns at this time.


We have traffic available in all GEOs, with the majority of our inventory being US and UK. We usually accept Country level targeting, for certain categories, we do accept State level targeting as well. We cannot target city level targeting.


We understand the legal industry more than anything else. So we have classified the advertisers into – Solo Practitioners, Lawfirms, Law School, Legal Publications, Legal Events & Conferences, Legal Tech Companies, Any Service Providers to Legal Industry. For law firms and solo practitioners, we have further classified into the practice areas. So, for example, if you are a law firm that specializes in immigrations law your ads will be displayed to those publications where your key demographics are likely to be.


We understand the challenges you face, in case you want us to design and develop the ads for you, we can help you with ad designing based on your needs, be it ads, landing page or lead management.

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You can start advertisement for as low as US $1000. You can monitor the ads to see the performance. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.


The various facets of the legal industry is something we understand well. That is why we have a dedicated account manager to ensure their campaigns are successful. Your account manager can help you with delivering an exceptional campaign based on the segment of the legal industry you are in.

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